Ego Deco

Fancy dress or fashion store, im just not sure. This engaging little vintage boutique takes you back to the era of swinging flappers, bright tie-dyes and sunshine prints of the 20’s through to the 90’s. Ego Deco, adjacent Meguro police station, stocks a global collection of goods from French felt cloche hats of the 20’s to 80’s “pu-pu-pu push it” puffer jackets. Look for the label detailing the country and era of your item.

The snug 2.5 meter store makes available  only the best condition items for sale. It’s worth checking back regularly for new replenished  items gathered from around the world.

If your anything like me and enjoy a true vintage style pieces at a sensible price your sure to find it at Ego Deco. The owner is more than happy to help identify a piece and find out more about its history. And if this is any more help take a look at Vintage Fashion Guild as a directory for era timelines and label resources.

Eco Deco also stocks limited house-ware items including hat stands, lamp shades, telephones and chandeliers!

Ego Deco Vintage Boutique

80’s West Germany Clutch

80’s Hong Kong Clutch

Ego Deco
Outside view of this tight-fit vintage store

Ego Deco Nakameguro

A wide collection of costume jewelry

Find Ego Deco on Google’s Nakameguro Map.


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