Meguro Kumin Center

As the extension of my holiday back home in Australia elapses, I’m keeping up to date with the latest news and official reports of the nations nuclear situation and the safety in returning. I expect to arrive back in Nakameguro in less than 2 weeks and since spent a great deal of time sssseeriously kickin’ back. ‘White Teeth’ by Zadie Smith has been my latest beach read but is a guilty reminder of the books I borrowed from Meguro Library before jet-setting to Australia.

The Meguro Library is a sure known secret to the Gaijins in the area as it’s a little beyond the Nakameguro business center around the station. Heading towards Meguro from the Nakameguro station (on Yamate Dori), past Tokyo-Rent-a-Bike and Ego Deco you will arrive at Meguro Kumin (Citizens) Center housing a library, indoor & outdoor pool and gym.

Perhaps this Google Nakameguro Map will help your navigation. 

Library LocationABOUT THE LIBRARY;

Sure, it’s a typical library but there’s something about this brightly lit, jam-packed of books and obscenely quiet library that’s comforting.

|Growing up my sister and I would be dropped off at our local library on rainy days in school holidays. After hours spent searching the library shelves we would basket an impossible amount of books to be read before the return date.  Nevertheless, we were kept busy for hours and the fun was found in searching for that perfect holiday read.|

Just as well the local Nakameguro library allows just 3×4 meter corner delegated to English novels and texts. Improving your Japanese can be made easy with the many verb phrase books and kanji dictionaries available for hire. You’ll find all the Hollywood gossip and latest business reports in the magazines section and and if your planning a holiday escape the Meguro Library has an abundance of English travel guides for Japan and around the world all stationed in one tiny えいご ほん corner.

Meguro Kumin Center

Meguro Kumin Center

I would strongly recommend not exceeding your hiring limit as the blessed old library women will make sure your return is made through constant reminders.

All that’s needed for membership is your Gaijin Registration Card. For more information visit the Meguro Library website.

Meguro Citizen Centre Library hours are between 9am and 7pm, but close earlier on Sunday’s and holidays at 5pm.

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