Colosseo Nakameguro

Now I know I said Salvatore – Trattoria- Pizzeria was top grade Italian in Nakameguro but Trattoria Colosseo is the one restaurant I’ve been bursting to tell you about. Especially since my welcomed visit last Thursday that revitalized my taste buds and assured me of what I had really been missing  over the past 4 months spent in Australia.

Colosseo Nakameguro

|Yes! I’m back in Tokyo for new lifestyle experiences, exciting taste and thirst discoveries and boutique store finds. It’s going to be weekly posts from now on. I’m living and breathing Nakameguro with so much to report and post about of this wonderfully cultured, upbeat neighborhood.|

Of the many visitors I have brought to Nakameguro, Colosseo scores no. 1 restaurant sure to impress,  feed big gaijin stomachs and serve freshly made focaccia bread complete with the  purest of olive oil and that sticky kind of balsamic.

Colosseo  NakameguroYou wont go past good service at Colosseo. This family-owned and operated restaurant hires some of the best waiters and wine experts. The staff are quick to place you at your table and see too it that you have a good wine filling up into your glass. The menu is in Japanese but some staff can help you choose a suitable dish for your taste and do a good job describing featured ingredients. If your seated along the kitchen bench you will be given the honorable opportunity to meet head chef Yamadera-san and his hard at work apprentice chefs. These young apprentices love exercising their English language skills and may even sneak you tasting plates for you to try.

Colosseo Nakameguro Staff

It’s hard to describe the sensation of taking your first bite of a Colosseo prepared meal.  The tastes and quality ingredients are beyond acceptable Italian cuisine and what makes it so good is the dedication and typical Japanese work style of these chef’s. The creamy carbonara is a statement to Colosseo’s Italian cooking technique. I guarantee you have never tasted a carbonara like this one before. I like to order the special eggplant lasagna, not quiet justified of its excellence through my photos but it’s goodness comes from the perfect layering of meat sauce to vegetable atop buffalo mozzarella cheese. A special treat is the oven-baked, garlic and herb fish. Deliciously soft and slow cooked to ultimate taste satisfaction.

Dolce. They truly do an amazing job on a tiramisu and chocolate tart. I’m without photo evidence with these ones. All I can say is that I wasn’t thinking about taking photos once desert was served.

Colosseo Trattoria in Nakameguro

Eggplant Lasagna & Carbonara

The lunch time 5 course meals are exceptionally taste worthy of its price at around 4,000 yen which includes antipasto plate, salad plate, pasta plate, main course, desert and coffee.

Pasta’s and ice-cream is especially made in in-house with fine quality foods and careful hands. The staff work very hard on presentation and taste. Due to the growing popularity of Colosseo Nakameguro, the family has recently opened an almost identical restaurant in Shinjuku, sure to claim Italian food lovers hearts.

You wont have much trouble finding this incredible Italian restaurant as its name is sign posted big and red letters. Colosseo is across from JTB on Nakameguro’s famous Sakura Festival main street.

Find it here on Google’s Nakameguro Map.

Open till late weekdays, Saturday & Sunday

Lunch; 11:30 to 14:00

Dinner; 18:00 – 26:00

I’ll be off for some Colosseo soon, thinking and writing about this restaurant has just confirmed today’s lunch plans.


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