Now that the rain has come and expected to stay, there’s no better reason to dine along Meguro riverside for girl talk and long lunch catch-ups.

The health and organic conscious diner will appreciate Mother Esta for it’s natural, seasonal, simple but elegant approach to food presentation and service. Mother Esta is a 10 minute stroll from Nakameguro Station along the now lush and mossy Meguro river bank. A warm red glowing  ‘Mother Esta’ sign marks your destination point and can be seen from a distance.

Organic Bistro/Cafe Nakameguro

My past experiences with Mother Esta have only been for lunch when the cozy booths are the first seats to be taken and soft chatter meets the room. On our visit last week, my friend and I were lucky enough to snatch up the last available table. The handwritten English menu coupled with sketching for visual aid prompted a quick decision to go with the organic curry with brown rice, salad & soup set as well as the daily special & soup set. See these green leafy dishes below.

Organic Cafe Nakameguro Small & Light Tomato & Carrot Soup.

Nakameguro Organic Cafe

Assorted Leafy Greens Drizzled with Olive Oil and Light Cream Sauce; A side plate to the curry set.

Organic Cafe NakameguroDaily Special Set; White Fish, Sauteed Eggplant, Quiche, Brown Rice & Salad.

Both meals were too good to horde to ourselves so we shared the two perfectly put together meals leaving the restaurant feeling ultimately satisfied, healthy and alive with no big lunch tummy bloat.

Mother Esta NakameguroThough we didn’t leave the Cafe without some of this first. Organic coffee, a little strong for what I like but still fresh, and a taster size serving of house-made strawberry milk pudding.

As I’ve taken greater interest in this lunch spot and searched for it’s website, I realized there is much more to this little European style Bristro/Cafe than it’s impeccable lunch set menus.

It seems Mother Esta host’s classy private parties of up to 60 people! Guests can pay just 3,000 yen for 3 appetizer’s, pasta, 2 main dishes and a desert! Have you ever been meet with such low prices for 100% organic fresh produce in a exceptional location and warming decor surroundings? Perfect for what I would look for in a party venue.

You can now take the tastes of Mother Esta’s fine, organic foods home! Seasonal, organic vegetable boxes can be ordered for home delivery for just 4,000 Yen + a 700 Yen flat delivery fee.

Check out all party and delivery details on Mother Esta’s full English interactive website and discover what it really has to offer.

Google’s Nakameguro Map

Why not stop in at Onko Chishin vintage store on your walk back to the station, I did and found some great new pieces of art and home furnishings including a tiger fur rug and Japanese military men statues.

Mother Esta Organic Bistro/Cafe in Nakameguro is closed on Wednesdays.

  1. kelli says:

    I love your photos and blog!!!! so amazing! xx

  2. Mark says:

    Very nice write up…. Mark

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