Nakameguro Bagels

What a Treat. Dense, fresh, rounded, bagged up bagels.

Bagel Standard Nakameguro

Just next to Porche’s rich showroom lies this tiny NY style bagel store rich in it’s selection of chewy, textured bread rounds and tasteful cream cheese fillings. Namely, Bagel Standard, they know just what standard will impress.

This pleasant bagel store has been serving local and afar customers since March 2010. Today is Wednesday, it’s first open day of the week and just over a year old it is still a bagel hit in the area. I picked up a bagel last Sunday at 6pm knowing  my next chance wouldn’t be till Wednesday. I was extremely satisfied with my bagel of choice, cheerful service and convenient location that I only realized now what I had been missing. The “Everything” bagel was a great taster for the menu. Poppy seeds, salt and perhaps creamed corn and garlic in the dough mixture?!

See below for the delicious menu of bagels and unusual combinations of  cream cheese fillings;

Bagel Standard Nakameguro

Chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, made with naturally, unrefined wheat giving off a clean, but rough flavour. Bagel Standard has adopted the true New York style bagel through it’s technique and ingredients, a harder consistency and larger in size (approx. 11cm diameter).  A far cry from the Japanese Bagel & Bagel  franchise brand.

Half bagel’s filled with peanut butter and jelly (really it’s just jam!), honey or chocolate syrup are pre-made and ready for a lunch box or picnic basket. Fresh, in-house smoothies  and juices are also available extras.

Nakameguro Bagels

Bagel Standard opens to late for breakfast, 11am-7pm, but pick up a bagel or two for lunch or snack. Monday & Tuesday’s  is a bagel makers day off. Say hello to the owner, Minoru Yabushita, any other day and find out more about his experiences in the industry.

Bagels in NakameguroImage: www.bagelstandard.com


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