Vegetables; a natural source of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle. Yeah, we know…

So when a little Nakameguro patisserie comes along and incorporates the natural sweetness and flavours of fruits and vegetables into cakes, flan’s and brulee’s they attract quiet intrigued and curious customers looking for a taste combination out of the ordinary. This sure makes it easy to get your 2 fruits and 5 vegetables a day.

My regular lunch buddy and I came by the brightly coloured and crowded patisserie one weekday afternoon. Clean, well lit and service efficient we were met with many vegan prepared choices;

Avocado Cheesecake, Tomato Sponge Cake, Chocolate Carrot Flan *Our Pick*, Buckwheat & Cinnamon Mousse, Red Grape Tart *Our Pick*

Potager Pattisserie

Potager Pattiserie NakameguroBoth selections were truly delicious and very satisfying for a sweet tooth

I’m so fascinated with this concept, it’s so novel and uniquely Japan! The carrot flan did taste like carrots! It was smooth and fluffy and tasted of quality ingredients. I admire the chef for taking American style carrot cake to new heights. Instead of rich spices and cream cheese icing taking the flavour of the cake, natural taste and texture of real carrots features the carrot flan at Potager.

In search for the most unusual dessert on the Potager website I found the Multi-level Cheese & Basil, Tomato, Jelly & Olive Oil Mousse. This just might be the most inventive patisserie dessert ever made and I’m quiet confident it would be appreciated by any non-fussy, try-anything kind of eater.

Recycled napkins, paper cups and wooden forks and spoons give Potager an added unique and special experience. That’s the thing about Nakameguro, and the cafe’s restaurants and patisseries that house there businesses here, they are free to be different. Nakameguro allows expression, talent and new ideas to shine through the commercialism of Tokyo.

Average price 1,000 yen for 2 (average 450 yen per dessert)

Open 10am-8pm

Delivery and online ordering is available through the Patisserie Potager website.


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