Mexican Nakameguro

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If you havent seen any posts of late, there’s a good reason. For now I’m out of Tokyo and back in Australia. I am alive and well, however this blog needs A NEW POST.

A few days before departing my riverside neighbourhood, some friends and I strolled Yamate-dori for some dinner-time grub. We should have known,  it was a Friday night and dining in Tokyo on a Friday evening is busy.

Riverside Nakameguro

Baja Nakameguro

After being turned away by a number of restaurants, Baja Homemade Tacos became our success story for the night. I had discovered Baja before and quite frankly forgotten about it until our faithful re-discovery that sweltering, humid night. Just like all the best bars in Tokyo seem to be doing it, Baja is just a tiny hole-in-the-wall cantina with room for two small bar stools and a 3 person standing space. It’s the kind of place that occupies itself, and by this I mean, when 5 people enter Baja they own that Mexican joint until they walk on out of there. And this, we did.

Mexican Nakameguro

Hungry and thirsty, we paid a total of 3,000 yen between us for a round of drinks and tacos to snack.

Baja Tacos: Highly recommended. A quart of lime and garnish of
coriander with chicken or pork gives these soft homemade tacos a beautiful
gourmet taste. Only 330 yen each.

Baja Burritos: Quiet the handful, these soft wrap filled packages
contain beans, vegetables, chicken/pork and are great for a 3pm, out on the
town feed. 600 yen

Chilli Beans (with two tortillas on the side): One day I’ll try…

Mexican Style Chips: Tortilla chips, guacamole chips, cheese and
potato chips. I also spotted cinnamon chips on the menu!?

And that’s just about it for the food menu. You can also order McDonald’s like Sundae ice-cream but the menu remains simple for the obvious reason that Baja is manned by just one young and very friendly barman/cook. He started Baja 6 years ago after returning to Japan from his time working in a Mexican restaurant in the USA. “I don’t like guns” he told me when describing his Mexican mingling’s in America. This west-side style portrayal of a Mexican bar definitely has character and appeal, attracting youthful boarding, biking, clubbing crew to hang out or drop by for take-out snacks.

Drinks are cheap as just about everything is priced at ¥500, except for shots (rum, tequila, vodka or gin), which are a mere ¥300. It also stays open right through the night, till the first trains start running in the morning. Just 5 minutes’ walk from Nakameguro Station, this just might be what you need.

Baja is open 5pm-5am Mon-Fri, noon-5am Sat & Sun. Call 03-3715-2929.

  1. Emily says:

    Great to see the posts still coming in even though you are out of the country!

  2. Jonas says:

    How could I possibly have missed this!? I must try this when I go back to Tokyo 😀

  3. Matt says:

    Was just here a couple of weeks ago, great spot, interesting people seem to frequent.

  4. Nick says:

    How do the tacos stack up against Norfolk and El Loco?

    • Berleena says:

      They compare well 🙂 Definately a close tie. Baja’s small, its a one man band – nothing like that in Sydney!

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