About Naka-Meguro

Meguro RiverAlong the quiet, peaceful Meguro River

Nakameguro. Tokyo’s hippest art and design scene.

Nakameguro is home to many untroubled people of Tokyo. It seems many musicians, designers, celebrities and foreigners make this city side suburb their home. It’s subdued and relaxed atmosphere encourages Sunday strollers along the canal-like Meguro River, most popular during cherry blossom season in early April. Surrounding Nakameguro station and along the stretch of the river lies euro-inspired retail, obscure vintage fashion shops, alternative book stores, art galleries and the best social bars and themed eateries.

The area has an artistic vibe, a green and natural feel, a convenient and friendly neighbourhood. Everything that is needed is within walking distance from the station.

NakameguroCourtyard just left of the station

There are 3 major supermarkets: TokyuLife and Precce. Also, Kaldi Coffee Farm is great for foreign and imported foods and of course excellent coffee. Everything you need in one store is at Nakameguro Honten, of the Don Quijote stores, just 15 mins walk from the station downriver.

Neighbourhood Nakameguro, has a specialty  of hole-in-the-wall bars, boutiques and restaurants that feature unique style and atmosheric personality. You wont find multi-level shopping centers here.

NakameguroA modern and fashionable neighbourhood

Nakameguro’s central location means it’s just one express stop from hustling Shibuya. Take a look at the Nakameguro Map and Nakameguro Station Information.


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